How to Write a Blog Post on Blogger / Blogspot (Step By Step)

Writing a new post on blogger is very easy, but writing the right way is a different matter. If you write a post on blogger or a website, that's means you write it for search engines and for people.

It is a good thing if your content was beautiful and easy to understand, but if the search engine cant understands it then you have a big big problem there (the search engine will not recommend people to go to your blog in their search result).

People call it on-page SEO but I'm not going to talk about it here, I'll show you how to write your first blog posts on bloggers that meet the minimum requirements for on-page SEO, it sounds easy.

Write a New Post On Blogger

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. Click New Post.
  3. Create the post.
  4. Optional: To see how your post will look, click Preview.
  5. To save your post without publishing it, click Save. To publish your post, click Publish.
It's easy, right? but the wise man said content is the king, how you can write the king content?

Write A Post On Blogger / Blogspot (The Right Ways)

First, you must have a good understanding of the "blogger post menu", here I put a number on the picture and you will use all that menu every time you write a blog post.

1. Post Title

Keep your post titles under 60 characters, you can expect about 90% of your titles to display properly on google search, more than 60 characters google will display it with three-dot in most cases.

How to calculate the length of a character in a sentence? use len formula in microsoft excel

2. Compose and HTML Mode In Blogger

Like I was mention before "Every time you write a blog post you write it for the search engine and for people", the best way to understand it is "compose" is the human mode and "HTML" is the search engine mode.

Later I will write about how you can optimize the HTML on your blog post so then the search engine can understand better what are you talking about in your post, but for now please only use the compose mode.

3. Heading, Subheading, Minor Heading on blogger

The blog title is your "Main Heading" (H1), after that we have a heading (H2), subheading (#3), and minor heading (H4), all heading should be organized in a hierarchy. That is how the heading order in your post should look like :

The heading is in the top 3 most important thing in every content, every post should use the heading mark up

4. Bold, Italic, Underline

I rarely use the italic, underline, and strikethrough function, but I use bold function a lot. Maybe I should use them all in every article I made.

To use the function you simply block the text and activate the function you want, it gave the headline about some important thing you write, and the markup helps search engine understands your blogger post better.

5. Link

If you want to add a hyperlink into your blog post, you simply just block the text you want to add the hyperlink to it and click the link menu and then put your link on it. the picture below will tell you how to do it.

Ex: This Link Will Go to Facebook

  1. Block the text.
  2. Click on link menu.
  3. Add your link to web address (ex:http://facebook.com).
  4. Check on the attribute and open link in a new window.
  5. Click ok and you are done.

6. Add Picture In a Post (Blogger)

Actually, there are many ways to insert images into articles, this is one of them:

  1. Insert image
  2. Under "Upload Menu" click on choose file
  3. Browse your picture in the computer
  4. Click the image
  5. Click open
  6. Add selected and you done

The image you have been uploaded maybe a little bit too small, so you need to make some adjustments on it.

Click your image and choose small, medium, large, xlarge or original so the picture can blend into your article beautifully, you can also give alignment (left, center or right).

The most important element in the picture is the title text and alt text, search engine cant see what picture you add into the article so you need to write it for them.

  1. Click on the picture
  2. Click on properties 
  3. Add title text and alt text, you can drag your mouse on the picture later to see the effect. Click ok and you done

7. Numbered and Bullet list on blogger

The number and bullet list in the blogger post used the same way you're using it at Microsoft Word, just click on the list-menu and you have done.

8. Create Quote In a Blogger Post

Block the text and click the quote menu, that is how you use it.

9. Add Labels / Category in Blogger Post

On blogger its called "label" but in other platforms it called "category", the label is used to order your article so it can manage easily.

Click label and give your article category.

10. Permalink

When you publish your post, it will have a unique URL for every post, if you choose the automatic permalink then blogger will extract it automatically from the title (1). you can customize your blog post url by adding your own text in the custom url section.

It is good to have a short URL but still have relevant connection to the keyword and blog post topic.

12. Search Description

Search description s the most important piece every time you write a blog post on blogger, it will look like this in the search engine.

Search description menu is not enabled by default, if you cant see it on your post this is how you can enable it:

  1. On your blogger dashboard click setting
  2. Choose search preferences
  3. Click the edit button
  4. choose "enable search description" and write your blog description there "150 character max"
  5. Save changes and you have done.

We usually called this a meta description, write a small brief about your article there (very interesting but must be relevant with the keyword and article topic) Google generally truncates snippets to155 -160 characters.

Search Description determines whether internet users will click your article or not if they see it on the Google search result.

13. Save, Preview, and Publish Post on Blogger

To save your post without publishing it, click Save. To publish your post, click Publish

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