How To Start A Blog With No Money (Create A Blog For Free)

Free blog platforms tend to be used by blog beginners as their first shot. Even so, there aren't many out there who are really honest in providing this such information.

Ex: They recommend people for doing it using Wordpress. There are 2 types of wordpress (wordpress.org and wordpress.com). Wordpress.org platform need to be hosted and it can cost you 70 to 140 USD a year, meanwhile, blog built by wordpress.com cant sell ads (you cant add ads into your blog).

Of course we have thousands of ways to monetize our blog, but biased information can plunge blogger beginners and eventually end up losing their interest, it's not a good thing.

I can talk like this because I definitely use a free blog platform, I have monetized my blog, and the most important thing was "I've been in your position".

Start A Blog Using Free Blogging Platform

Every blog platform is free, but some of them were "not really free" you need to pay a hosting fee or some plan and it cost you some money.

I've been writing about the best free blogging platform that you can use it with no money, not even a penny. You can read the complete brief here: literally free blogging platform.

1. Blogger.com 

Blogger is a blog platform owned by Google, you can integrate this blog with every google product (Adsense, Adword, Analytic, Webmaster tools, etc).

Its perfect platform for a beginner with no money in their pocket lol :D, it's easy to use, SEO friendly and the best things were they gave you the freedom to do almost anything.

2. Wordpress.com 

Wordpress is a good platform, but their free plan didn't allow you to make money by selling ads (you cant integrated it with Google Adsense).

If you want to make money with Google Adsense you must upgrade your free plan to premium plan and it cost you a money :D.

It suits you if you are planning to monetize your blog by selling services, selling a product, referral program, and anything else except selling ads.

3. Wix.com

Wix is perfect platform for a beginner who didn't know much about coding and the internet, its drag and drop website design so its easy to use.

But unfortunately their free plan has many limitations just like wordpress.com free plan (more or less).

Make Money Idea Using Blog

90% people create a blog to make some money from it, but 80% from that 90% didn't know how to do it, am I right? ... Maybe

You do not want to invest your excess money in something new, something you do not know the results will be like that is why you add this "No Money" or "Free" in your google search.

So, with "No Money" on it the idea is quite limited but it still a thousand ways you can use :

1. Advertising Program

You sell ads by putting ads on your pages, this is the easiest way. You write an article (about 40 - 100) in your blog and then you sign up to the advertiser.

If they accept your application, the next thing you do is putting the ads code in your content and you get paid for every click and view on the ads (that's it easy and simple).

2. Affiliate programs

A company pays you a commission for helping to sell their products, it's not that hard. You just write a review about some product and put an affiliate link on it.

If an internet user writes your review and clicks on your affiliate link and ends up buying the product, you get paid (don't worry it traceable and easy to use).

You can promote a movie, music, software, a book, anything you can even sell a car or house or insurance product using an affiliate program.

the commission varied from flat rate to percentage rate 10% 20% 30%, can you imagine if you sell something valued $ 100.000 and the commission was 10%?

3 Sell your Expertise

Freelancer program has no limits, you can sell your services like painting, design, create a website, typing, writing, answering the phone, translator, video "Anything".

As long as you have an idea and you can do it, you free to go to sell it maybe someone out there needs your services.

How To Start A Blog With No Money

You have your "Make Money Idea" and you already know the "Free Blog Platform" that suits your idea, I think its time to start your own blog and make some money.
  1. Blogger.com Sign Up here
  2. Wordpress.com Sign Up here
  3. Wix.com Sign Up here

Do I have to explain step by step to sign up with the pict for every step? maybe later, you already have all the information you need .. go make mistakes :D

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